Service Desk Agent Training

Course Structure

The Service Desk Agent Training is used to prepare people who have been
asked to fulfill the role of service desk agent or service desk manager using the
BMC Service Desk Express application suite and the Alignability® Process Model. The
course provides an overview of the Incident Management process, after which the attendees
will be trained to use BMC Service Desk Express to conduct their work as a service desk agent or service desk manager.

The course material consists of a training manual (provided in hardcopy format) and the Alignability® Process Model (published on the intranet). Exercises are supplied for attendee execution in the training manual for "hands-on" training. For each exercise, an attendee will be asked to come forward and perform the exercise under the guidance of the trainer. The other attendees can follow the progress on the projection screen.


The duration of the course is 3½ hours. Full-time attendance for the prescribed duration is essential for the successful completion of the course.

The course has been structured to maximize the retention of basic theory and practical usage techniques, while minimizing the attendee's time outside the conduct of normal business operations.


The maximum number of participants is limited to twelve people, due to the large amount of information that needs to be transferred in a short time.

To ensure that the participants will be able to benefit from the training, they need to be familiar
with the use of Microsoft Windows applications. In addition, they must have recently attended the ITIL Game and the Specialist Training.


To order a Service Desk Agent Training session, please go to the "Partners" section to find the contact details of an Alignability® partner near you. Alternatively, send an email to Your email will be answered within one business day.