ITIL® Game


The objective of the ITIL® Game is to allow participants to experience the
benefits of the ITIL® processes for the support and delivery of IT services. The
participants will be using a set of field-proven ITIL-based processes to complete the
game, as well as a fully configured service management application. At the end of the
day, the participants will share a common understanding of ITIL® and what it can do for their organization.

To achieve this, the following topics are covered during the ITIL® Game:

A brief history of ITIL® what it is and what it is not

The executive overview of service management processes and the links between them

Using the Alignability® Process Model

Using the BMC Service Desk Express application suite

The outline of the case that will be used for the exercise

The game the completion of a continuous improvement cycle using ITIL-based processes and a supporting service management application

Case Description

During the ITIL® Game, the participants will assume a role within the IT department of an imaginary organization called "Invention, Inc". The objective of the game is to apply

the service management processes to improve the level of service, while reducing the time spent on support.

Nearly 500 employees work within the Invention, Inc. organization to produce an imaginary product called a "widget".

The Invention Inc. company occupies 3 buildings and consists of a headquarters organization, a research & development facility, a factory and an IT department.

The IT department employs a total of 29 people spread over nine groups. Together, these people are responsible for the support and delivery of more than 15 services that the business needs to produce and sell widgets. The service infrastructures are made up of roughly one thousand configuration items including a mainframe, Unix and Windows servers, workstations, wireless PDAs, databases, applications and software licenses.


The ITIL® Game takes one day to complete. The game has been designed to minimize the time that the participants need to invest to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how ITIL® can deliver tangible benefits to their organization.


The ITIL® Game is intended for management teams of organizations that are planning to implement (or upgrade their existing) service management processes. The minimum number of participants to the ITIL® Game is four people and the maximum is limited to eight people.

To ensure that the participants will be able to benefit from the ITIL® Game, they need to be familiar with the use of Windows applications.



ITIL Game Description


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