Alignability® Implementation Training


The objective of the Alignability® Implementation Training is to ensure that
the participants are capable of planning and delivering a service management
implementation project based on the combination of the Alignability® Process
Model and the BMC Service Desk Express application suite.

To achieve this, the following topics are covered during the training:

The objective of Alignability®

Using the Alignability® Process Model

The advantages of the Alignability® Process Model

Review of the Alignability® processes

Alignability® implementation project planning

Delivering service management awareness sessions

Customizing the Alignability® Process Model


The Alignability® Implementation Training lasts two days. The training has been designed to minimize the duration of the training, whilst maximizing the knowledge transfer from the trainer to the participants.


The maximum number of attendees to the training is limited to twelve people, due to the large amount of information that needs to be transferred within the two training days.

To ensure that the trainees will be able to benefit from the training, they need to be familiar with the basic concepts of service management, as well as being able to configure the BMC Service Desk Express application suite.


To order an Alignability® Implementation Training session, please go to the "Partners" section to find the contact details of an Alignability® partner near you. Alternatively, send an email to Your email will be answered within one business day.