The scope of the Request Management process is limited to the support request categories listed in the table below.



Request for Incident Resolution

Request from a user to restore a service that is not functioning the way it is supposed to.


This includes requests for password resets from users who have forgotten their passwords and requests for backup restores from users who have lost data.

Request for Change

Request from a user for modifying, adding, moving or removing some or all service functionality, access or components.


Requests for copying data (e.g. for making a backup or restoring a backup at a different location) and requests for batch job runs also fall within this category.

Request Fulfilment

Request from a user for an answer to a service-related question or a request that can be resolved by using a predefined workflow where:

a template for this workflow exists,

no risk & impact analysis is required, and

no other approval than approval from the customer is required.


An expression of praise or encouragement by a user.


Request from a user for the improvement of the manner in which the service provider organization supports the user.