Release Notes - Version 5.1.00

Below, an overview is provided of the improvements that have been included in version 5.1.00 of the Alignability® Process Model. Minor changes (e.g. improvements of the layout or spelling corrections) are not listed.

Version 5.1.00  -  October 2007


Description of Improvement



Configured BMC Service Desk Express 9.1 for the support of the Alignability® processes. Adjusted the Alignability® work instructions to ensure that they refer to the BMC Service Desk Express features.


Added the Roles button to the process modelís home page. This button takes users to a list of the roles that are involved in the different processes, along with their respective responsibilities for each process.


Added the Forms button to the process modelís home page. This button takes users to a list of the forms are available in the service management application for the support of the processes defined in the process model.


Explicitly specified in the work instructions throughout the process model when the Time spent (min.) field of the Support Request, Problem and Work Order forms needs to be filled out.

Configuration Management


Added the CI relation type "Documentation" to allow documents to be linked to the CIs for which they were written.

Incident Management


Removed Incident Management step 1.13 and incorporated it in the work instructions for steps 2.2 and 2.4.


Moved the last work instruction (and the note that follows it) from Incident Management step 1.2 to the 1.11.1. This ensures that the Service field of the support request does not need to be filled out when the customer contacts the service desk about and existing support request or about something for which a support request template is available.

Problem Management


Renamed the Solutions field of the Problem form to "Implemented solution" to ensure that it is not filled out to propose a structural solution for a problem.

Change Management


Corrected Change Management work instruction 8.8.1 to include cancelled work orders.

Service Level Management


Renamed the Group field of the Service form to "Default group" to make its use more intuitive.