Release Notes - Version 3.0

Below, an overview is provided of the improvements that have been included in version 3.0 of the Alignability® Process Model. Minor changes (e.g. improvements of the layout or spelling corrections) are not listed.

Version 3.0  -  September 2004


Description of Improvement


Added the Continuity Management process.


Added a continuity manual template (including the situation assessment checklist), as well as a continuity plan template.


Swapped the position of the arrows to Configuration Administration and Service Level Management in Change Management procedure 5. This signifies that the Service Level Management information is to be updated before the Configuration Administration information is updated. This allows configuration administrators to update the links between CIs and services.


Inserted step 1.8 "Discuss customer's business requirements" to Service Level Management procedure 1.


Removed the text "(or is suspected to be caused by)" from Service Level Management work instructions 1.6.4 and 1.9.4 as account managers do not register support requests of the category "Request for Incident Resolution".


Removed the text "during the meeting" from Service Level Management work instruction 1.9.6 because it concerns an ad hoc request; not a request submitted during an SLA review meeting.


Rephrased the recommendation in the on-duty manager profile to "Rotate the on-duty manager role among the service providers in such a way that there is always (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) one on-duty manager on duty."


Rephrased the recommendation in the change manager profile to "The operations manager" because this role is defined since the introduction of the Alarm Management process.


Changed the recommendation for specialists to "All employees and long-term contractors of the service provider organization who help support one or more services, with the exception of the operators and the help desk administrators." This takes into account the role of the operators.


Added the following terms to the Glossary:

Continuity manual

Continuity objective

Continuity plan

Continuity site

Continuity test calendar


Production site

Recovery control room

Recovery decision deadline

Situation assessment checklist


Adjusted the term "Emergency change" to the Glossary to take into account its use within the Continuity Management process.


Changed "service provider's" to "service provider organization's" in the Glossary's definition of the term "Web request form". This was done to avoid confusion between the organization and the service provider role.


Changed the word "be" to "become" in the first bullet of the note following Request Management work instructions 4.4.1 and 4.8.1, and Change Management work instruction 1.9.1, and the description of Change Management procedure 1. This was done because, in case of an incident, the service is already unavailable or degraded.

The words "during service hours" were also added where they were missing.


Changed the text in the action boxes of Request Management step 3.10 and 4.9 to "Escalate incident to service provider". This should help ensure that the support request itself is not re-assigned.