Release Notes - Version 1.4

Below, an overview is provided of the improvements that have been included in version 1.4 of the Alignability® Process Model. Minor changes (e.g. improvements of the layout or spelling corrections) are not listed.

Version 1.4  -  February 2003


Description of Improvement


Removed the links with the Configuration Administration process from the Support Management process flow. This was done to simplify the Support Management process, while still retaining the most important links. The link to the Configuration Administration process can still be found at the procedure level of the Support Management process (i.e. in Procedure 4, Support Request Resolution by Specialist).


Adjusted Procedure 4, Change Implementation of the Change Management process to ensure that the CDB gets updated after the final preparations (e.g. ordering new hardware) for the change implementation have been completed.


Added step 3.1 to Procedure 3, Instability Closure of the Root Cause Analysis process for the verification of the implemented solution.


Added an instruction to the work instructions of Root Cause Analysis step 3.5 specifying that the Solution field of the instability is to be filled out.


Adjusted the work instructions in Change Management step 4.11 to account for the fact that the specialist may not always have the required access rights in the production environment to complete the production test.


Clarified who the requesters of a change are in the work instructions for Change Management step 5.6.


Corrected the work instructions for Support Management step 5.10. It referred to the "Incident Tracking procedure" instead of the "Support Request Tracking procedure".


Changed the term "Customers" to "Beneficiaries" when referring to the roles that rely on information from a process. This was done to avoid confusion with the customers of the service provider organization.


Added the configuration administrators as a beneficiary of the Change Management process, as this role was missing as a beneficiary of the Change Management process.


Removed the service level administrators as a beneficiary of the Configuration Administration process, as the links between services and the CIs that support them are maintained by the configuration administrators.


Corrected the step number specified for the arrow pointing to step 1.1 of Procedure 1, CI Registration of the Configuration Administration process. This arrow comes from Change Management step 7.5 and goes to Configuration Administration step 1.1. It previously stated 7.4 instead of 7.5.


Added the option "Change Completed" to the Status field of the Instability item type. This allows for the Instability to be reassigned to the stability manager after a structural solution has been implemented by Change Management.


Added the Time zone field to the Organization item type and added the Provider field to the Service Level Agreement item type to ensure that the Target date and Downtime duration calculations for support requests take into account the time zone of the organization that provides the service.


Added the Work hours and Time zone fields to the Group item type in preparation of the Change Management workflow functionality of HP OpenView Service Desk.


Added the "Blocked" checkbox to the Service, Service Level Agreement, and CI item types. Automatically checking these boxes for specific statuses, prevents users from linking these items when they are not yet, or no longer, to be used.


Changed the Availability field of the Service Level Agreement item type from a number field to a code field to allow for percentages to be specified with decimal points.


Renamed the Telephone, Fax, and E-mail fields of the Help Desk section of the Organization item type to Support phone, Support fax, and Support e-mail respectively. This was necessary because of the change in "Separator" functionality in HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5. This change ensures that the Telephone and Fax fields of the organization's help desk can be distinguished from the other Telephone and Fax fields of the organization when customizing a view, or performing a search.


Renamed the Group field to Provider group and renamed the Provider field to Service provider in the Service Provider section of the Service item type. This was necessary because of the change in "Separator" functionality in HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5.


Changed the name of the "Detail" pages of the different item types to "Details" to be consistent with the other page names.


Placed the assignment fields on the Details pages of the Support Request, Instability, and Work Order item types. This is a new capability available in HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5.