Release Notes - Version 1.3

Below, an overview is provided of the improvements that have been included in version 1.3 of the Alignability® Process Model. Minor changes (e.g. improvements of the layout or spelling corrections) are not listed.

Version 1.3  -  August 2002


Description of Improvement


The graphical representation of the Support Management process flow has been adjusted slightly. It now shows how, after the help desk has resolved a support request in Procedure 1, Support Request Registration, the support request gets closed in Procedure 6, Support Request Closure. It now also shows that, if a support request is registered by an operator to deal with an alarm, and if this support request cannot be resolved by an operator, it gets assigned to a group.


Step 3.4 "Select the concerned SLA" of Support Management Procedure 3, Alarm Handling has been removed. This step has been incorporated in the steps that are now called 3.4 and 3.6.


Changed step 5.2 from "No further action required" to "Periodically check progress of support request" to ensure that all pending support requests are tracked by the help desk. Because of this, the name of Support Management procedure 5 has been changed from "Incident Tracking" to "Support Request Tracking".


Moved step 5.10 "Inform people concerned of solution" of the Support Management process to Procedure 6, Support Request Closure to ensure that this step is taken, even if the support request is escalated.


Added the Project field to the Change item type so that a change can be linked to the project for which it is to be implemented.


Changed the "Number of support requests" KPI of the Service Level Management process to "Number of requests for change" to ensure that the account managers focus on optimizing the service offering for their customers.


Changed the term "entity" to "item type" to be consistent throughout the process model.


The Help button is now also available from the process level and the procedure level.