Release Notes - Version 1.0

Below, an overview is provided of the improvements that have been included in version 1.0 of the Alignability® Process Model. Minor changes (e.g. improvements of the layout or spelling corrections) are not listed.

Version 1.0  -  March 2001


Description of Improvement


The Alignability® Process Model was released covering the following six processes:

Contact Administration,

Configuration Administration,

Service Level Management,

Support Management,

Root Cause Analysis, and

Change Management.

The following information is provided for each process:

a graphical representation of the process flow,

a graphical representation of each procedure,

a written description of each procedure,

work instructions for each step of the procedures,

the mission,

the scope,

the field utilization guidelines for each item type that is used to
support the process,

roles & responsibilities,

key performance indicators,

a list of customers that rely on information from the process, and

the process owner.

In addition, version 1.0 of the process model provides the following information that is not process-specific:

an explanation of the Alignability® concept,

a profile for each role, and

a glossary of terms and abbreviations used within the process model.