Implementing the Alignability® Process Model

The Alignability® Process Model is primarily used to reduce the time
it takes to improve the existing service management processes of an organization. The product comes with two implementation plans. Each plan ensures the success of the implementation. Before organizations start, they choose the plan that best meets their needs. The two plans are presented below, along with the specific benefits that they offer.

Standard Alignability® Implementation

The standard implementation starts with a detailed review of the service support processes
and allows for the customization of these processes as part of the implementation. The customization also includes the adjustment of the supporting BMC Service Desk Express settings. Even though the standard implementation does not differ much from a conventional service management implementation, it still saves organizations typically between 3 and 5 months. This is because the process model and the BMC Service Desk Express settings
allow organizations to start from a complete working example.

30-Day Alignability® Implementation

A service provider organization that employs between 20 and 80 people at a single site (e.g. the IT department of a medium-sized organization) can also choose to use the Service Support module of the Alignability® Process Model to establish a solid service management foundation in just 30 workdays. The organization will then start to use the processes and the supporting BMC Service Desk Express configuration without customization. This eliminates the risk of not being able to reach consensus on the processes or not being able to customize the application to support the processes that have been agreed on.

With these two risks removed, it is possible to guarantee the success of a 30-day implementation. Once the organization has had some experience with the new processes and application, it will be easier to determine whether customizations are really necessary to improve the fit between the processes and the culture of the organization. Because of this, the 30-day implementation approach results in far fewer customizations than the standard approach.

After 30 days, the IT department will be
using the field-proven Alignability® processes supported by a fully configured service management application.

Benefits of Both Plans

Because the service provider does not need to re-invent the service management wheel, the focus of the implementation is on providing awareness and training to the employees and long-term contractors. This is done to prepare them for the change. It is the most important aspect of any service management implementation. It is also an aspect that organizations are often not able to spend enough time on because they have lost too much time on the definition of the processes and the configuration of the service management application.

The Alignability® Process Model comes with everything necessary to successfully complete an implementation of the service support processes. For a description of the product, please review "Products" section.

The Alignability® Process Model is sold and implemented, along with the supporting BMC Service Desk Express software, by partner organizations. Go to the "Partners" section to find an Alignability® partner near you.