Process Model Help - Arrows

Within the process and procedure diagrams of the Alignability® Process Model, the arrows dictate the sequence in which actions are to be taken. Below you will find additional information about the arrows that are used to connect the symbols within the processes and the procedures.



The symbols are connected to each other using arrows. The direction of the arrowheads point out the order in which the activities take place.

An arrow pointing from a symbol is split in two if the activities that follow can occur in parallel.

When two arrows merge, it means that they both point to the same action box or decision diamond. Arrows are merged when the symbol to which they point can follow more than one event, action, or decision.

When an arrow originates from another process or procedure, it starts with a small black circle. The text above the arrow specifies the origin of the arrow.

When an arrow points to a symbol of another process or procedure, it ends without being connected to a symbol. The text above the arrow specifies the destination of the arrow.