Alignability® - Overview


The Alignability® Process Model provides field-proven IT Service Management processes for the BMC Service Desk Express application suite. The Alignability® processes are based on a combination of the best-practice ITIL® methodology and the
Total Quality Management principle of continuous improvement.

Where ITIL® provides the theory and guidelines, the Alignability® Process Model provides the processes, procedures, and detailed work instructions. It even comes with a set of configuration files that automatically configure the BMC Service Desk Express application suite for the support of the Alignability® processes. The processes and the configuration files for service management application dramatically reduce the time required for, and the risks associated with, service management implementation projects.

The Alignability® Process Model is split into two modules (or products), the "Service Support" module and the "Service Delivery" module. The Service Support module provides the processes required for a solid service management foundation. The six service support processes are:

Configuration Management

Event Management

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Release Management

The Service Delivery module is targeted at mature service provider organizations. This module contains the following advanced service management processes:

Service Level Management

Availability Management

Capacity Management

Continuity Management

Financial Management

The implementation of the service support processes of the Service Support module can be completed within 30 days. This represents a savings of 4 to 6 months. The reason why the Alignability® Process Model can be implemented so quickly is that it allows organizations to eliminate the process definition phase of their service management implementation projects.

The configuration files, which automatically configure the BMC Service Desk Express application suite, also help to reduce the duration of service management implementations by saving at least 40 more days. These 40 days are normally required by an experienced technical consultant for the configuration of the application to ensure that it supports the service management processes that the organization has defined.

The 30-day implementation plan is provided with the Alignability® Process Model to ensure that customers can reliably complete the implementation of the service support processes within 30 days. The standard implementation plan (which caters for a detailed process review and subsequent customization) is also provided for organizations that do not want to start from scratch, but do not yet feel comfortable enough to commit to a 30-day implementation.

The Alignability® Process Model was originally developed in 1999 and is maintained by consistently incorporating the ideas from each implementation into the next version of the model. The model has already been deployed by more than 100 organizations in over 30 countries in a wide variety of industries.