Alignability® - Measurement

Measuring Alignability®

The Alignability® ( A ) of a service provider organization can be calculated by taking the amount of time its specialists spent adding new, and improving existing, services over a given period of time ( I ) and dividing this number by the total amount of time that the specialists worked during that same period ( T ).

It is often easier, however, to determine what the amount of time was that the specialists spent on the support of the existing services (i.e. the time spent to maintain the status quo), than it is to find out what the amount was that they spent adding and improving services. Fortunately, the time that the specialists spent adding and improving services can be calculated simply by taking the difference between the total amount of time they worked and the time they spent supporting the existing services ( S ).

Hence, it is also possible to calculate the service provider organization's Alignability® ( A ) by subtracting S from T and dividing the result by T.