Alignability® - ITIL®

IT Infrastructure Library

Many service provider organizations have turned to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) for guidance to help them deliver and support their services. Although ITIL® provides useful guidelines; it does not actually provide the service management processes. Service providers are still expected to define the processes themselves. They normally do this with the help of consultants.

The service management processes alone are not enough, however. The people who are expected to follow the processes also require detailed work instructions behind the processes.

Lastly, although ITIL® does provide some guidelines for service management applications, it (rightfully) does not provide the tool settings. This means that after a service provider organization has defined its service management processes, it still needs to find an application to support these processes. Today, nearly all service management applications claim to support ITIL® and work out-of-the-box, but in reality it normally takes between 2 weeks and 4 months to configure a service management application so that it can support the processes that a service provider organization has defined.

Bridging the gap between ITIL® and a supporting application

The ITIL® guidelines, along with a healthy dose of common sense, were used to define the Alignability® processes. The Alignability® Process Model also provides detailed procedures and work instructions for the people who are expected to follow the processes. This eliminates the need for service provider organizations to work through the ITIL® guidelines to define their service management processes. It saves a service provider organization approximately one month per process that is to be defined.

The Alignability® products also come with a set of configuration files for BMC Service Desk Express. These tool settings (thousands of them) ensure that the service management application provides optimum support for the Alignability® processes.
This allows the service provider organizations to get started without first having to configure a service management application.

This is how Alignability® takes service provider organizations from the ITIL® theory to a fully configured service management application that optimally supports its employees. And whenever an employee has questions, the detailed instructions of the model are there to answer them.